Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Importance of Reading Aloud

When kids start school, they will learn to read using phonics. But the love for books, reading and reading aloud can be inculcated on the laps of the parents.

You can start with picture books. Show them to your toddlers and talk a lot about the pictures in the book. Make it an interactive activity when they start to talk. Gradually move on to small picture story books. They will definitely have a good vocabulary when they start school and have an advantage as they will understand what the teacher is saying.

Reading is good but reading aloud to kids is important too. Here are a few benefits:

- Increases the appetite for reading.

- Improves listening skills.

- Increases vocabulary.

- Stimulates their imagination.

- Helps improve diction and expression.

- Improves spelling.

- Builds confidence.

- Prepares them for speech and drama.

Activities that can make reading aloud fun and effective:

1) Read together everyday. Try different genres and not just story books.

2) Talk about the book before you start reading. Make the entire reading session interactive.

3) Use expressions and different voices.

4) Allow the child to read a few paragraphs.

5) Read a book they love again and again. Be patient. It can be a vocabulary revision.

World Read Aloud Day is celebrated on February 1. Do not forget to celebrate it with your kid!

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