Monday, 6 November 2017

Tips for travelling with kids

I believe in implementing the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle in every task. I do it for all my daily chores. The first step for every task is planning. It becomes easier to execute them if properly planned. Also prioritizing own tasks helps decide how to proceed faster. Teaching my kid, cooking, shopping, extra curricular classes and everything gets done in a day if planned properly.

Similarly, plan your vacation elaborately so that you have a comfortable and relaxed vacation. Things might not go the way you plan all the time; especially with kids. But if you have your priorities set and backup plans in place you can surely enjoy.

Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about the idea of vacationing with my kid when she was a toddler. We started with small getaways and did it a few more times. Then the long vacations started. Now our vacations are super exciting and everyone in the family looks forward to it.

1) Priorities : Make your kids health, capacity to walk and food as your priorities during vacations. You definitely do not want them to fall sick and ruin the entire vacation.

2) Decide where to go: Pick a place where there are at least 2 or 3 kids attractions. Kids enjoy only if the place interests them.

3) Mode of travel:

 Car: If travelling by car, make sure there is enough space for the kids to sleep or relax. Try to avoid drinking milk or heavy food intake before starting the travel. Drink enough water and stop frequently for breaks.


Flight: For long distance travel, this is the best option. Choose a flight which reaches the destination at 7:00AM or 8:00 AM so that you get the entire day for sight seeing.

Train: Choose this option only if your kids enjoy it or if travelling in a group. Book a 2nd A/C berth so that the kid can sleep beside you comfortably. Try to carry your own food.

Rent a car for the entire vacation so that you can choose your place of interest and follow own itinerary.

4) What to pack: Favourite toys, story books, colouring books, activity books, blanket, jackets, first aid kits, basic medicines, snacks, hand sanitizer, tissue rolls, change of clothes are some of the necessities. Add more according to you kids needs.

5) Itinerary: You need not visit each and every attraction a place has to offer. Plan your itinerary beforehand. There are a lot of trip planners available on the internet to have it ready before the vacation. Choose the places as per your kids capacity to visit and liking. Keep a few extra places mentioned in your plan. There can be days when your kid can co-operate to cover a few more places.

6) Place to stay: Try to get a Homestay for short vacations. For long vacations spend some extra bucks to get a comfy hotel with a good restaurant. Reviews of most hotels and homestays are available on the internet. Book accordingly. See to it that the hotel is close to major attractions listed in your itinerary.

7) 🗹Checklist: Prepare a checklist of the activities you have to do before every trip and one for things to pack before you leave. Update it after every trip with things you missed or plan to take next time.

Now your planning is in place! Go and enjoy. Keep in mind that kids are unpredictable. Take it easy and try to relax. You are on a vacation!

8) Packing tips:
 - Start to pack a few days before you leave.

 - Separate the items into different sets depending on per day requirement or per person requirement and pack them into different plastic bags. It will be easier to look for things during vacation.

 - Pack the medicines and liquids in resealable bags to prevent leaks.

- Chargers and cords are very important and have to be packed on the last day. Set a reminder for the same.

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