Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Drawing tips and tricks for kids : Teach kids How to Draw

It starts with scribbles! On the walls, furniture, any paper within reach, almost on anything and everything. These memories of kids drawings are fun and nostalgic.

In the first 4-5 years, teaching drawing starts with developing fine motor skills. You just need to provide the kids with the right tools. Here they learn to have more control over their hand movements and develop a good grip on drawing tools. You can give them plastic crayons, washable paints, pencil chalks.

During this age let them draw whatever they imagine. Do not give them specific topics. Encourage their work by getting involved in a discussion about the drawing. Let them colour red leaves or green water. It should be their choice and you just have to build their self confidence at this stage.

At the age of 5, their observational skills improve. Show them other drawings. Here you start  teaching....

- Start with shapes. Circles and rectangles or straight lines without using a scale or any other tool. It should be freehand. Once they are able to do it convert the shapes into objects.

- Kids have a tendency to press the pencil on the paper while drawing. Instead ask them to draw lighter strokes.

- Draw small lines and not the entire figure at once. The lines can be joined once you have the perfect
shape on paper.

- Most common issue is with the size of the picture. Encourage them to draw big shapes or objects. The entire given page should be covered with the drawing.

- Teach how to draw expressions. Sad, angry, crying, laughing and smiling..

- Start with objects like houses, mountains, rivers, trees and flowers. Teach them how to draw these objects individually and then combine all into a big drawing.

- Show them other simple drawings. They will learn by observation.

- Border the objects with a black sketch pen and then colour with crayons.

- There are many tutorials available on the internet that show simple ways to draw birds and animals. Kids will enjoy such tutorials.

- You can draw with them too if they ask for company. Then both can comment on each others drawing and improve.

- Then go for object drawing. Understanding proportions at this stage is important. Comparison of objects within a frame has to be understood. Placement of objects is also important. Give them feedback on these points after they are done with their drawing. Let them show improvisation in their next creation.

- Ask them to draw pictures from their favourite story books. They can also write their own stories and create illustrations for the story. Bind it into a book for more encouragement.

They are good and ready to draw on their own, explore and self learn!

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