Thursday, 3 August 2017

DIY and Reuse ideas for Rakhis

Its time to change the concept of Rakhis. The idea of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle has to be put into use for this day.

On Rakshabandhan, people spend days looking for the perfect rakhis for their brothers in the market and online. Why not make it yourself and make it the perfect one!

Also after the festival just do not throw them away. They can be reused. Check some ideas below...

Quilled Rakhi: Flowers, animals, alphabets and other abstract designs can be made using quilling. These have to be stuck on a satin ribbon to make a rakhi.

Craft material: Similarly crepe paper, card paper, felt paper, coloured yarn, beads, buttons and other decorative materials used for art and craft in school can be used for designs on rakhis.

Jewellery Rakhis: In case you want to choose an expensive rakhi and want it to be with your brother forever, you can make a rakhi with a pendant. This can be later worn around the neck. Just tie a decorative thread to the 2 sides of the pendant to use it on Rakshabandhan day. Similarly you can buy bracelets that can be worn permanently.

Satin Rakhis: Use these especially for babies so that it does not harm their skin. Small flowers or chain bands can be made out of a satin ribbon. There are many tutorials for flower making available on the internet.

Ways to Reuse...
1) Symbols like Om, Ganeshas ad other Gods can be stuck on gift envelopes.

2) Tie the decorations to strong silver or gold threads and use them as purse charms.

3) Tie the motifs to a bunch of keys to use as a key chain.

4) Pearls or beads can be used as cloth embellishments.

5) Motifs can be pasted to hair bands or hair clips.

6) They can be used to decorate photo frames.

7) Satin ribbons or colourful threads can be joined together to tie gift wraps.

8) Cartoon characters can be used to decorate file covers, pencil boxes or pen stands.

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