Thursday, 12 January 2017

Ways to encourage your child to read

Reading enhances the learning process. Books are a source of knowledge which is essential for your growing kid. It helps them discover new things. But they cannot cultivate the habit of reading by themselves. Someone needs to introduce the concept to them, to guide them and develop a love for reading.

Benefits of reading:

1) Exercise for the mind - Our brain too needs regular exercise. Reading keeps it busy and thinking and it remains active. It is similar to meditation as it also relaxes the mind while helping it become more active.

2) Improves concentration - When kids read they have to do it quietly and focus on what they are reading. Regular reading will help them focus on their studies as well.

3) Knowledge database -  Reading will help kids acquire more and more knowledge.

4) Vocabulary - They learn new words. They become more confident when they can put their thinking into more appropriate words.

5) Imagination - Reading develops a child's imagination. They get more ideas about a particular situation, more ways to solve an issue and more opinions.

6) Hobby/Entertainment - It can be done anytime and anywhere to utilize your free time. It is a good hobby as kids get bored too soon and it is difficult to keep them busy too.

7) Better at studies - Kids who read also do well in their studies as there is improved focus, concentration, understanding due to good vocabulary.

You need to understand the following about your child before you can decide on ways to encourage:

1) Interest: Find out which topics interest your kid the most. Get books related to these topics. This is mostly applicable for big kids. For pre-schoolers the interest will develop depending on the books we introduce them to.

2) Age: Get them books related to their age. Not all books can be read by all ages.

3) Creativity: After the kid reads a book, can the kid express the story/content in his own words?

Ways to encourage:

1) Introduce books to kids at a very early age. There are a lot board books available that are appropriate for the early age. Picture books hold their interest and keeps them occupied for a long time.

2) Read aloud to them every day. They do not mind if the stories are repeated. Enacting them later will make it more fun.

3) Make them express the stories read though drawings or in their own words.

4) Check which books other kids read and make them available. Any conversations in the kids group related to the books will spark more interest. Encourage friends to exchange books to read.

5) Never use reading as a punishment.

6) Go ahead. Take them to the library to choose their own book!

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