Friday, 27 January 2017

They are different!

πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”Here is a list of some words that differ but are often mistaken with each other while conversing.  Some are pronounced similarly. But they differ a lot! They have different meanings. Do read a few examples listed below. Kids will enjoy understanding these facts.

1) House and Home:

A house is a physical thing. It is made up of bricks, cement, mud, wood etc.
A home is made of people, family and the love between them.

2) Sea and Ocean:

Both are large salt water bodies but they differ in size.
Sea is a large salt water body and can be bound by land on 1 side or all sides. They can connect with other seas or oceans. Eg: Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean sea etc.
Ocean is even more bigger salt water body and can sometimes contain seas. They can connect with other oceans. Eg: Atlantic, Artic Ocean.

3)Turtle and Tortoise:

Turtles can live on land as well as in water.
Tortoise can live only on land.

4) Rat and Mouse:

Rat is larger in size than mouse. They are unclean and risk a person at contracting diseases.
Mouse looks similar to a rat but smaller in size. It is a social animal and is kept as a pet.

5) Crocodile, Caiman and Alligator:

Caiman and Alligator are found in freshwater and have wide, U shaped snouts. Crocodiles are found in salt water and freshwater. They have narrow V-shaped snouts.

Caimans are found in South and Central America. Alligators are found in South Eastern U.S. and Yangtze River, China. Crocodiles are found in tropical and subtropical areas of Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.

Caiman is the smallest in length and weight while the Crocodile is the largest in both aspects.

6) Frog and Toad:

Frogs have long hind legs which help them in jumping. They have smooth and moist skin. They have to always be near a water body to survive.
Toads have smaller legs which help them to crawl. They have dry, leathery skin. They can live without water for a long time.

7) Cheetah and Leopard:

Cheetahs have thin body and small head. They have tan fur with black oval spots.
Leopards have large body and bigger head. They have yellow fur with black rosette spots.

Cheetahs hunt during the day while Leopards are nocturnal and hunt during the night.

8) Advise and Advice:
These words are pronounced similarly.
Advice is the suggestion or opinion given to someone. While Advise is the act of giving the Advice.
So Advice becomes the noun and Advise is a verb.

9) Principle and Principal:

These words are pronounced the same. They are homophones.
Principle is a rule of action or conduct. Principal is a person of authority or a leader.

10) Effect and Affect:

These words are pronounced the same. They are homophones.
Effect is a result of some action. It is a noun.
Affect is the act to cause change. It is a verb.

11) See, Look and Watch
Seeing is noticing something or someone.
Look at means to move your eyes towards something or someone.
Watch means to look at someone or something for a particular amount of time.

12) Hear and Listen
To hear is to become aware of a sound through your ears
To listen means to hear someone or something for some amount of time.

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