Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Art and Craft

In this post I will try to put together all the art and craft activities I will be doing along with my kid.

October 2017:

1) Tea Light Holder:

We have used my old glass bangles to make this tea light holder. We had many bangles in different designs but there were only around 4 or 6 or 8 or 12 of each design. So we decided to mix them and make different patterns. You can use fevicol to stick the bangles.
Here are a few that we made:

2) Diwali Lantern:

My kid learnt this one to make in school and taught me as well :) You can use simple marble papers and decorations available with you to make these. Here are the steps:
- Fold the paper into half.
- Leave some space from the open end around 2-3 inches.
- From the closed side make cuts at 1 cm distance.
- Open the paper and stick the ends like a cylinder.

3) Rangoli using the Tea Light Holder:
Kids can make this using bangles and their little fingers. Use the tea light holder to enhance the look.
The small flowers can be made by putting some rangoli like a dot and dragging it with index finger to make petals. It is simple and easy for kids to try.

January 2016:

1) Hair Accessory from worn out hairband bow and old clip.

We had an old clip. Its decoration had broken and come off.
We also had a beautiful bow of a hairband. The hairband had worn out but the bow was good.
We decided to recycle the good and working parts of both and recycle it into a beautiful hair accessory.

Check out the pictures below:


February 2016:

2) We tried to make a Penholder using the idea of recycling. We made it using old bangles.


How to make:
1) Collect some old bangles.
2) Stick them one above the other with fevicol and allow it to dry
3) Cut from cardboard a circular shape of the size of a bangle. Cover one end with this circular cardboard cover again using fevicol and let it dry. Its ready!

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