Wednesday, 9 November 2016

GK questions for Class 2

Basic general knowledge questions that Class 2 kids should know

1) Which is the fastest land animal in the world?
Answer: Cheetah

2) Which are the Olympic ring colours?
Answer: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and Black

3) What does the heart pump?
Answer: Blood

4) Which part of human skeleton protects our brain?
Answer: Skull

5) How many legs does a spider have?
Answer: Eight

6) How many legs does a butterfly have?
Answer: Six

7) Where is the thickest skin on your body?
Answer: Feet

8) Which is the nearest star?
Answer: Sun

9) Which is bigger a lake or an ocean?
Answer: An Ocean

10) How many bones do sharks have in their body?
Answer: 0

11) Which annual fair of Rajasthan is known for camel trading event?
Answer: Pushkar Mela

12) Which state is known as Indias Spice Garden?
Answer: Kerala

13) Which is the Largest freshwater lake in India?
Answer: Wular lake in Jammu and Kashmir

14) Which is the highest mountain on earth?
Answer: Mount Everest

15) Dance form Yakshagana is associated with which state of India?
Answer: Karnataka

16) Which is the Oldest mountain range in India?
Answer: Aravalli range

17) What is study of weather called?
Answer: Meterology

18) What is the Minimum age for competing in Olympic games?
Answer: 16

19) Which sport does Sania Mirza play?
Answer: Tennis

20) Which sports is played at Wimbledon?
Answer: Tennis

21) Which sport does Saina Nehwal play?
Answer: Badminton

22) Which sport did Muhammad Ali play?
Answer: Boxing

23) What is the study of handwriting called?
Answer: Calligraphy

24) What does the 'I' stand for in IT?
Answer: Information

25) How many strings does a violin have?
Answer: Four

26) What facial feature is missing from the painting "Mona Lisa"?
Answer: Eyebrows

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