Friday, 11 December 2015

Pretend Games

You can call it a traditional game. But this game can grow a kids imagination and help be more creative. This is a no boundary game. Just let the ideas flow from the kids mind.

Pretend games gives a child the chance to be what he is not and helps them react without fear to social situations. You too can judge if your kid can face real life situations using these games. Kids usually start pretend games when they are 2 or when they start interacting with other kids or when they get lots of toys to play.

You can encourage kids to play pretend games by making puppets, making costumes, use their toys, keep some old household items to use as props. Kids might limit their games as per their ideas. Introduce them to more social situations with your involvement in their games.

Pros of pretend games:
- Develops social skills
- As it involves verbal communication, it develops language skills
- Develops listening skills
- Grows imagination, creativity
- Develops problem solving skills
- Involves physical development depending on the games
- Work as a team

Some of the common pretend games a kid would like to play are:
- Doll houses
- Doctor/patient
- Animals in a zoo
- Play kitchen
- Shopping
- Pizza/Burger restaurant
- Music band
- Robots
- Teacher/students

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