Thursday, 3 December 2015

How to clean sports canvas shoes

Schools have started after vacations and white canvas shoes are recommended for Physical Education in school now as there are no rains. Kids have to dirty their shoes after every wear. It is good that they have to wear the white canvas shoes only once a week else cleaning the shoes would be a big task!

Here are some ways you can keep the white canvas shoes clean:

1) Wash in warm water
- Remove the laces.
- Use mild soaps like the ones you use for woolen clothes or hand wash soap along with warm water for cleaning.
- Use a toothbrush for scrubbing if required.
- Dab them with a cloth. Make tissue paper balls and put them inside the shoes. This will make the drying process fast. The paper will soak the water. Replace them if they get soaked. Do not use a newspaper or any other colored paper. The ink or color will go on the shoes. Keep them to dry in the sun.
- Alternatively you can use a hair dryer for drying them.

2) If you are in a hurry, use a white chalk or baby powder to cover the stains on the shoes. Remember to wash the shoes after use.

3) There are many shoe cleaners/whiteners available in the market in the form of liquid, gels, paste etc.

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