Thursday, 10 September 2015

Quiz: Inventions and Discoveries

Inventions and Discoveries

  1. Who invented the telephone?

  2. Albert Einstein
    Alexander Graham Bell
    Marie Curie

  3. Who invented the first aeroplane?

  4. The Wright Brothers
    The Bell Brothers
    The Wellington Brothers

  5. Which is Thomas Edisons invention?

  6. Clock
    Light Bulb

  7. Who discovered Gravity?

  8. Leonardo Da Vinci
    Issac Newton

  9. Who invented the steam engine?

  10. Blaise Pascal
    James Watt
    Graham Bell

  11. Who invented the mobile phone?

  12. Walter Bark
    Martin Cooper
    Alexander Graham Bell

  13. Who invented the watch?

  14. Albert Einstein
    Issac Newton
    Peter Henlein

  15. Who invented the camera?

  16. Alexander Wolcott
    Steven Sasson
    Martin Cooper

  17. Who invented the Braille system?

  18. Louis Braille
    Marie Curie
    Ann Braille

  19. Who invented the traffic light?

  20. Thomas Edison
    J. P. Knight

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