Friday, 7 August 2015

How to apologize to your kid

To err is human. Everyone makes mistakes. But it is a difficult task to apologize to anyone. Especially when it is to your own child.

Take the simplest case when you blame your kid when it is not his mistake. Later when you realize it, immediately admit it and say you are sorry. This is extremely important when your child is older and might show an extreme reaction.

Here are some ways you can try doing it:
- When you are very angry, say 'Sorry' and take a time out. Relax/Calm yourself and come back to talk about it.

- Do not give excuses while apologizing. It will sound like you are actually not sorry about it.

- Do not repeat the same mistake and the apologies again and again. The apology will then have no value.

- If your child is still cross, be patient and try not to hurt again.

- Change the mood immediately. Go for an ice cream or do something fun.

Children learn from their parents. Next time when they commit a mistake, they will come forward and admit it and not hide it. So don't think even when you have to apologize to a toddler. Just do it.

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