Friday, 7 August 2015

Creative Punishments

When you try to discipline your child over and over again, you realize that both verbal and physical punishments stop working. It is time to try out some alternative methods that might work. This area too needs creativity !

Try some of these alternative methods:
1) Go on strike. Make them do the household chores.

2) Make a job jar. Fill it with job names your child does not prefer to do. Make him choose one.

3) Half fill 2 bottles with marbles. Mark one as Good and the other as Bad. For every mistake a marble is transferred from Good bottle to the Bad Bottle. Offer a reward for the day the Bad bottle is empty .

4) Take back part of the pocket money they had earned.

5) Make them apologize to every living or non living thing they have hurt or broken at least 10 times.

6) If your child is crying, send him to his room and ask to come back only when he has finished crying.

7) Hide their things when they do not keep them in proper place. Do not return it until the mistake is accepted. It will remind the child to keep things in proper place.

8) Write a sentence 10 times on a paper. Add it to your scrap book for their future reference.

9) If your child likes to slam the door, make them repeat closing the door 10 times but gently. Or make him apologize to the door 10 times.

10) Make them go to bed early.

11) Make them miss their evening playtime.

12) Do not allow to watch favorite TV show or cartoons for specific time.

13) Make them wear their least preferred clothing i.e their clothes they do not like to wear.

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