Friday, 7 August 2015

Basic needs - Food

Food is one of the basic need of a human being. Work and play makes us hungry. We eat food when we are hungry. Food makes us strong, healthy and makes us grow.

Sources of food: We get food from plant and animals.

Food from plants
- Fruits
- Vegetables
- Roots
- Pulses

Food from animals
- Milk
- Meat
- Eggs

Salt is the only food we do not get from plants and animals. Salt is obtained from sea water.

Meals in a Day: A meal with all kinds of food in the right amount is a healthy meal.

- Breakfast : It is the first meal of the day in the morning.
- Lunch: We have a complete meal in the afternoon called lunch.
- Dinner: The complete meal we have at night is dinner.

Other meals
- Brunch: The day we skip breakfast, we start feeling hungry before lunchtime. We then have a meal between breakfast time and lunch time called brunch.
- Snack: If we are hungry in the evening we have a small meal called snacks.

Healthy eating habits:
- Wash your hands before eating
- Eat at a table
- Sit in appropriate position for eating
- Chew food properly
- Avoid junk food
- Do not talk or watch TV while eating
- Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
- Do not overeat.

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