Saturday, 4 July 2015

Talent competition ideas

All of us have some talent. Some show it proudly while some are shy. 
To add confidence to a child's abilities, schools organize talent competitions. Singing and dancing are the common talents. Here are some more ideas to put up a great talent show.

1. Play a musical instrument

2. Sing a song: Choose a age appropriate song. Do not select a difficult song that you might forget         while performing.

3. Act out a scene from a movie: A famous scene that all remember. Or mimick a politician/famous       person on TV

4. Puppet show using hand puppets: Make hand puppets for a small story. Go behind teachers table         and show only the puppets in your hands. Tell the story from below the table.

5. Show gymnastic abilities - Cartwheels, flips, splits.

6. Jump Rope tricks

7. Magic tricks

8. Recite a poetry: With actions.

9. Juggling

10. Easy drawing tricks

11. Stand up comedy - Some kids are good at making people laugh. Say some age appropriate jokes

12. Martial Arts: Practice some good moves of Karate or Kung Fu or any other martial art.

13. Hula Hoops : Show the moves you can perform with a Hula Hoop.

14. Juggling: Use few objects. When a child does it, it is a great show!

15. Imitate: Sounds of Animals or Birds

16. Sing a nursery rhyme in different tunes.

17. Art and Craft: Quilling, drawing, painting, Jewellery or card making, best out of waste.

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