Monday, 20 July 2015

No gifts birthday party

This year we celebrated our kid's birthday with a spectacular cake, decorations, music and games. We also had requested that no gifts be brought to the party for the birthday kid. To balance this request we did not give return gifts to the kids that attended the party.

So are we the parents who think that the gifts people get are too small and cheap for our precious child? Absolutely not! We just think that our kid gets so much the entire year from everyone so why add more to the stuff.

Here are some pros and cons of receiving gifts that we thought over before coming to the decision:

Pros of receiving gifts:
1) People who get the gifts for your kid are not offended.

Cons of receiving gifts:
1) Lot of gifts remain unused and occupy precious space in the house.
2) They cannot be given away to others as people tend to ask about how their gift is being used by the kid.
3) Kids open them all at a time and the house remains cluttered with toys everyday.
4) Parents have to end up doing the clean up.
5) People have to spend at least Rs. 200 per gift per friend their kids have. So if your kid has 10 friends you need to spend 2000 per year on gifts!

So just to keep your guests happy, you accept gifts. Some people tend to show off too by buying expensive gifts for your kids. You have to then return the favor with an equal or more expensive gift. Where and when will this give and take end?

We, as parents, too feel the guilt that we are not allowing our kid to collect gifts for his own birthday party. But we also need our kid to understand that birthday parties are not just about getting more and more stuff but it is also about having more and more fun with friends and family. Kids tend to forget who got which gift but they surely remember and cherish the fun they had during the party.

We parents should present our own kids gifts on their birthdays understanding what they really need and use. This will also make your kid value what you get for them and use the gift effectively.
The only big task here will be to get your kid ready for this concept!

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