Friday, 7 August 2015

How was school today?

When kids come back from school they get into a full PLAY mode. Whatever happened in school is forgotten and a new excitement begins. At this moment when you ask 'How was school today?' there will either be no answer or a single word like 'Good' or they change the topic entirely.
On the other hand we are in an different excitement mode and want to know everything that happened in school. No matter how much you try, you will not get the entire story.

So now you need to try a different approach to find the details. It is not necessary to get all the details as soon as the child is back from school. Choose an appropriate time when your child is giving you all the attention. Let the child relax. Try doing an activity together. Make it sound like a usual conversation.

Here are some questions you can add to the conversation:

1) Did all your teachers come to school today?

2) What did your friends get in their lunch boxes?

3) Did teacher say anything funny today?

4) Was the assembly too long or too short today?

5) Did anything new happen in assembly today?

6) Did you get sufficient time to drink water during recess?

7) Did you all have to go out of your class for any activities?

8) What fun did you have in school?

9) Who was the naughtiest in class today?

10) Did teacher change your places in class?

11) Did teacher make any announcements in class?

12) Did you need teacher or friends help for studies today?

13) Did you help anyone in studies today?

14) Was any topic discussed in class boring?

15) Did teacher ask to getting anything specific for tomorrow?

16) Did anyone act weird in class?

17) Did you learn anything new and interesting today?

18) Did you have to go anywhere in school by yourself/without your friends or teacher?

19) Was everyone nice to you today?

20) Did you play any new game with your friends?

21) Was there too much writing or too much reading today?

22) Did anyone trouble you today?

23) Were all the taps in washroom working?

24) Was there enough soap and water to wash hands?

25) Were you able to refill your water bottle?

26) How many times did you use the washroom?

All these questions will help you know if your child has eaten well, is too tired or troubled, if basic hygiene was followed and if anything needs to be done for the following day.
Do not over react to any answer given by your child. This will end the conversation. If the child answers a question, ask more relating questions which will help complete the story.