Friday, 24 July 2015

How to make kids do homework / study ?

By the time kids are in Class 1, they start getting homework. Schools might not call it homework and force the kid to complete. It might be some work left incomplete in school which is understood to be completed at home. As our responsibility we too need to get a bit of reading and writing done at home.

After spending 6-7 hours in school, kids might not want to come back home and do the same thing
again. For many after school hours it might be play time. You cannot take away play from a kids life. After playing kids become tired. So when do we make them study? Getting them to sit in one place is already a task. The time to study also adds to the problem.

- Choose a time for study depending on when the kids mind is fresh. For morning school goers, after lunch/snacks can be an ideal time. For afternoon school kids, morning time after milk will be the best. Keeping evening time for playing.

- Keep away all the distractions. TV/Radio should be turned off. Phone calls for all family members should be limited considering space crunch we need to face too. Also try to start after eating something as hunger can also be a distraction. Kids should be told that they cannot take breaks while studying so they can to finish snacking and going to the bathroom before they start.

- Sit at a table with all stationary available. Pencils, erasers, books. The chair/ seating area should be

- Explain to the kid why it is important to study at home. Some kids do not like the word 'Homework'. Call it study time. Give them a choice of what they want to study. Motivate/ reward them with stars or stickers. Make a chart of what is to be completed. Add stickers to it when completed. This will make study more fun.

- Understand if the child needs your help in studies. Sit with them whenever required. Do not make it a habit. Doing revisions depending on the age of the child and checking if the work done is of course parents responsibility. Some kids can handle some of their work by themselves. Encourage it. It will help them become independent. You too can complete your chores during this time.

- Stick to the routine. So when it is time to study you can warn the kid to get ready.

- If nothing seems to work and grades keep falling, it is time to talk to the class teacher or a school counselor if sending for tuition might help.

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