Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Good Manners

Childhood is the best time to inculcate good manners. It is the time when a child's mind and heart is innocent and pure. Also at this stage they grasp all that we teach more than when they become big. We have to first follow the good manners as our children tend to do what we do. We can start teaching manners right from age 1.

1-2 years: At this age kids start communicating using signs or the basic give and take of objects. We should use the golden words 'Please', Thank You', 'Sorry','Excuse Me' during such communications. Children will repeat these words when they start speaking.

2-3 years: This is the age when kids communicate with other kids and adults. They start socializing and making friends. Introduce to them the following manners:

- Say 'Hi/Hello' when meeting someone. Say 'Goodbye' while leaving. Give a polite introduction when meeting a person for the first time by shaking hands and saying 'Hi my name is...'.

- Don't interrupt while someone is speaking. If it is very urgent use the golden word 'Excuse Me'.

- Sit properly. If they do not follow this at home they tend to do the same in school which does not look appropriate.

- Wait for your turn. Kids will come across this situation especially while playing with friends. Introduce the concept of sharing too at this time.

- Clean up the room. Children tend to make a mess of their play things and they forget about it after playing. Make them clean up the mess along with you. This will help them be organized.

- Children tend to listen to others speak new words and use the words. These might include inappropriate words. Correct them the instant the try using the words. Make them realize the first time itself that it is wrong.

- Table manners:
     - Wash hands before eating
     - Chew food with mouth closed
     - Do not talk while eating
     - Do not spill food outside your plate
     - Do not make sounds with spoon on the plate.

- Cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze or yawn.

7 years and above:
- Ask for permissions whenever going out alone
- Inform about whereabouts regularly
- Respect others privacy.
- While watching a performance do not cause any disturbance even though it is boring.
- Show good sportsmanship
- When walking out from a door hold it open for the person coming behind. Do not let the door smash on his face.

Follow these at home. You will not have to remind the kids about these when they are among other people.

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