Monday, 29 June 2015

Tips to memorize and recite a poetry

Nowadays schools focus on personality development of kids along with studies. So they conduct various tests or competitions in school. These include recitation competitions.

Teaching kids how to recite a poetry is a big task! They tend to forget or say it in a hurry. It is important to recite in a way which becomes interesting for the listener. Marks can be given for memorization, presentation and overall performance.

Reciting is much more than memorizing. Teach the poetry in a tune that matches the rhymes and with expressions which will make it easy for the kid to flash memory. So while teaching your kid the poetry keep these tips in mind.

1) Meaning of the poetry: First explain the meaning of the poetry. This will help kids to remember the sequence of sentences and understand the expression to be shown.

2) Voice: Recite with a natural voice. Don't try to be too loud or too excited. But be expressive which should come naturally if the kid knows the meaning. Also recite it in normal pace so that the words are heard clearly.

3) Expression: Without expression the poetry will sound as if mugged. Expressions will make the it interesting and shows confidence. Maintain a good posture during the entire recitation.

4) Write to practice: Elder kids can write the poetry a few times to memorize it.

5) Eye contact: Some kids tend to look at the floor or the ceiling or here and there while reciting .  When they do this the audience start talking and stop listening. The kid who is reciting might tend to get distracted due to this. If you keep an eye contact with the audience they feel involved and do not talk.

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