Monday, 29 June 2015

Safety Rules

As a kid starts communicating with you, it is time that you can explain some general safety rules to him. Every parent wants their child to be safe, but they also cannot be constantly around them. So the child should be able to differentiate between safe and unsafe situations.

Safety means to stay away from danger. Define what is danger for them through a set of rules. Keep reminding them these rules everyday by constantly communicating with them. Do not use much technical language. Try to keep it easy.

Safety rules to follow at Home:
1) Do not touch electrical objects:
      - Electricity can cause unbearable pain or burn
      - Switches, wires, appliances all are equally dangerous
2) Do not play with sharp objects:
      - Knife, scissor, blade are sharp objects
      - They can cut your skin like they cut objects and can cause wounds or 'boo-boos'.
3) Do not play with fire
      - Fire can burn the skin and cause pain.
      - Teach the basic Stop,Drop,Roll rule in case their clothes catch fire
4) Do not lean out of a open window or balcony
      - Leaning will make you fall and hurt yourself.

Safety rules to follow at School:
1) Do not run in classroom or corridors of school.
2) Do not push other kids while climbing up or down the stairs
3) Move in a line and do not rush to get into the classroom
4) Do not climb and play on the table or chair or desk in the classroom.
5) Wait in a line for school bus
6) Do not put your hand or head out of the school bus window.

Safety on Road:
1)Walk on the footpath.
2) Do not run on the road.
3) Cross the road at the zebra crossing.
4) Hold your parents hand while walking/crossing on the road
5) Follow the traffic signal rules.

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