Sunday, 28 June 2015

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi festival is for the celebration of love between and brother and sister. It is celebrated on the Full moon day of the month of Shravan.

Sisters tie a sacred thread called Rakhi to their brothers' right wrist and pray for their long life. It is also a bond of protection that a brother promises for his sister on this day. This ritual strengthens the bond of love between and brother and sister. A rakhi is made of colored or shiny threads, decorated with sequins and other shiny objects.

This day is also known as Kajri Purnima in North India. Godess Bhagwati is worshipped on this day. In western India, it is celebrated as Nariyal Purnima which marks the end of monsoon season and start of fishing. So a coconut is offered to the seas. Food is cooked with coconut as ingredient.

This day has many stories related to it. Some say, this day marks the end of war between the Gods and Demons when Indras wife Sachi tied a sacred thread to the Demon King Bali.

Another legend says Goddess Laxmi had tied a sacred thread to Demon King Bali when Lord Vishnu was away to guard his kindom leaving his abode in Vaikunth. She had disguised herself as a Brahmin woman and went to seek refuge at the Demon King Balis place. When she revealed who she was, the King was touched by her goodwill.

Some say it is a ritual followed by the Death God Yama and his sister Yamuna. She had bleed him immortality.

There is family reunion to perform the rituals of Raksha Bandhan and to  enjoy and have fun. Then all of them share the delicious food, tasty sweets, gifts, music and dance. Nowadays emotions are also expressed through e-mails, e-cards, rakhi greeting cards and rakhi through Internet.

DIY and Reuse ideas for Rakhis

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