Monday, 29 June 2015

Rains Children and Care

Rainy season is a big relief after the unbearable summer. Jumping in puddles, getting wet, splashing water are the games kids love about this season.

But the season also brings lots of illness and health issues in kids as they are the least immune. Lot of water borne diseases, infections and illness due to mosquitoes and other insects spread in this season. It is difficult to stop the kids entirely from having all the rain fun. So we need to take precautions to prevent these monsoon illness. Keeping the house and surroundings clean and ensuring that the kids are healthy are some of the preventive measures.

Some child health and safety tips for the monsoon season:

1) Wash hands regularly with soap especially before eating.

2) Use antiseptic liquid in bath water.

3) Trim the nails to avoid accumulation of dirt.

4) Drink enough water and be hydrated. Use boiled/filtered water for drinking and cooking.

5) Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating. Avoid use of cut fruit and vegetables.

6) Avoid walking in places where water gets accumulated.

7) Use mosquito repellents to keep them away.

8) Avoid street food. The food can be unhygienic and contaminated.

9) Use raincoat, umbrellas and gumboots. Do not let the kids get wet while going to school. They have to sit there for long hours and it is difficult to dry themselves there.

10) Keep feet clean and dry. Make sure the shoes and socks are dried when the kids are back home.

11) Use talcum powder especially in places more prone to infections and rashes.

12) Encourage the kid to have a balanced diet. Use of bitter gourd and turmeric in food will be helpful.

Take care and have fun!!!

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