Monday, 29 June 2015

Nurture curiosity in kids

A child shows the characteristics of curiosity when he wants to learn more and gain knowledge. A child that is curious is more happy and has a positive thinking.They also are academically good as they do not take the stress of studies. They try to understand what is taught more than mug it up.

Every kid is curious. But its intensity in each differs. Curiosity can be shown by kids in various ways. They might want to explore and discover new things or they might ask infinite questions about something. In both cases we should encourage them. It is the way we react to it that can destroy it or help it grow.

Take care that the following when a child expresses curiosity:
1) The child should not get scared of anyone or anything. Adults might scold or a fearful event can happen that can hurt the child emotionally or physically. These will destroy the curiosity in the child.

2) We might stop them from exploring new things for the fear that it can hurt them. Children can sense this fear in us. The fear is transferred to them.

3) Be there for them. Whenever they discover new things they want to share it. The excitement and your approval to it, makes them more confident.

4) Whenever they ask questions make it a point to answer them however silly the question is. It might be a dumb question for you but for the child it is a way of learning more. If you tell them it is a silly question it might lower their self esteem. That is why they tend to not ask questions in class. They feel they might be mocked at by others.

5) You can grow their curiosity quotient by asking more and more questions to the child and interacting more with them. Ask silly questions sometimes. This will encourage them to ask any question that comes across their minds.

6)  Let them make their own small decisions. Example if the school has asked to learn 1 poetry out of 2, let them decide which they want to learn. For elder kids, when it comes to choosing a college or subject, take the decision together.

7) Ask them to read books or articles which are a good source of information.

Encourage curiosity in children. Help them succeed in life!!!

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