Friday, 5 June 2015

Kids Go Green

Green should not just be a color for the kids. It should mean more than that. It should mean that they have to protect the environment that includes the earth, water and air. To achieve this we need to take care of the green aspect of the earth i.e plants and trees. These help keep the environment clean.

Huge amount of trash and pollution is produced everyday. We need to teach the kids the importance of 3R's which will be your contribution towards protecting the environment. Make them understand how it will help the environment by reducing the amount of waste generated. Unnecessary waste needs more land to dump. Also the energy and natural resources to create new things is saved.

The 3R's used to be reading, writing and arithmetic. Now it reminds us of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
- Reduce the amount of things you use and throw.
- Reuse whenever possible.
- Recycle all possible items.

Examples for kids to follow the 3R's:

- Take a short shower. You save electricity as well as water in this process.
- Turn of lights and fans when not in use.
- Turn off the tap while brushing.
- Set up libraries for toys and books so that they can be shared and not bought.

- Use rechargeable batteries for toys and other gadgets.
- Take own cloth bags to the store.
- Donate old toys and clothes for use by the needy.
- Carry reusable water bottles while travelling.

- Separate recyclable items such as paper, plastic bottles, cans from the trash and give it for recycling.
- Promote separation of wet and dry waste

Apart from these take part in activities like planting trees, small plants with your kids. Plan nature trails or visit to the farms as part of family vacation.

Remember we have only one planet. Let's join our hands together to make our environment clean and green!

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