Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Funny lies we tell our kids

We teach our kids that we should not lie. But sometimes they put us in situations, we have to get out of by telling them a lie :) I'm sure every parent has been through such a situation.
Here are some common ones we can read and recollect those precious moments of our life.....

- We bought you from a store. I will have to go and check if I can return you and get another baby.

- If you swallow a seed a tree will grow from your stomach.

- There is a CCTV in your classroom and I can see you what you do in school from our home TV.

- Wee Wily Winkie will come at night. Enough playing we need to go back home. Works when kids are not ready to come back home from play.

- Oh the store is closed today. It is a holiday for them.

- The dress is put to wash...it is wet! Need to say this when they want to wear the same dress again and again.

- If you don't brush, your teeth will fall off like Grannys!

- Your teacher will call me if you don't finish your tiffin box.

- Cannot watch cartoon in the night. The cartoon characters are sleeping.

- Cannot turn on the TV now. There is no electricity.

- To prevent them from playing on phone or tablet....say that it is not charged.

- I'm your mamma...I will never lie to you!!!

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