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In India lot of parents follow the concept of co-sleeping with their babies. But nowadays people are trying to follow the new concept of making babies sleep on their own so that they become independent.

Lets look into both sleep methods in detail.

Pros of co-sleeping:
1) Baby is safe and secure with the parent.
2) Baby likes the closeness and the touch.
3) Nighttime nursing is convenient.
4) Helps working parents regain a sense of intimacy with their child.
5) Expense of extra room/bed is reduced.

Cons of co-sleeping
1) Less sleep for parents as babies move too much in sleep. Working parents are affected the most.
2) There are chances of suffocation or baby getting trapped in between small spaces.
3) Baby might get less sleep as you tend to pick it up at the slightest noise.

As a solution to these cons, one can suggest the idea of having separate beds in same room. In this way the baby is close enough for monitoring and for a feed if needed. Also the baby is safe in own bed.

Sometimes space becomes an issue in same bedroom and so parents might think of a separate room for the baby. Separate room can be a choice or a necessity.
Lets look into pros and cons of this method as well.

Pros of separate room for the baby:
1) Parents can complete their sleep and wake up only for feeding.
2) Introducing the concept of separate sleeping for the child at a later age can be avoided.
3) Baby settles down comparatively quicker.

Cons of separate room for the baby:
1) Parent needs to make extra effort of moving to other room for a feed.
2) Parents might miss the closeness with the baby
3) There might be constant worry if the baby is ok.

Well, in the end everyone has to use their own discretion to decide what is good for them and their kids! A pediatrician can be consulted about it but it will still be the parents personal choice.

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