Monday, 8 June 2015

Back to School

It is time for our kids to load their backpacks , wear new uniforms and head back to school. I am sure the parents are more excited than the kids. Difficult to keep kids busy at home right?

It is a big transition for the kids as well from the carefree summer vacation to being a full time student. For kids moving to a new school or from preschool to primary it is a time of excitement and anxiety.

Kids anxieties:
- Will I like my new teacher?
- Will I be able to find my new class? (This was a major issue for my kid)
- Did I take everything in my bag?
- Will my friends be there in my new class?

Some kids might say just the opposite...
- I am looking forward to new school/class and making new friends. I can meet my old friends too in recess.
- I am looking forward to maths. I love numbers.
- I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday in school.
- I am looking forward to having fun in school bus.

To help ease back-to-school butterflies and the transition here are a few things you can do to help them.
- Talk to them about how they feel about first day. You may have to work on this more in case the kid has negative feelings about going back to school.
- Get enough sleep. Put them to bed early.
- Have a healthy breakfast.
- Stick their time-table to their closet door. Help them pack their bags the first day.
- Get a backpack that is lightweight so that with the books it will not be heavy.
- Check the timings of the bus with school transport.
- Make sure the shoes and uniform are comfortable. They need to focus on studies in school and not on the discomfort.
- Listen to them when they are back from school. They will surely have a lot of stories on the first day!

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