Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Are you a Helicopter Parent?

Parents who hover over their children like helicopters are referred as Helicopter parents! I heard this for the first time today and was amazed to know that the term has already entered the dictionary.
This term was coined by some teens in around 1969 and the word entered the dictionary in 2011. Well there are more similar terms "bulldozer parent" and "lawnmower parent".

Who are they?
Helicopter parents are generally overprotective and controlling. They literally hover over every move their child makes, and make every effort possible so that their precious child suffers no disappointments, no hurts while playing, to be the teachers favorite, etc.
Sometimes they interfere excessively with their child's development. They take too much responsibility for their children's experiences, their successes as well as their failures.

Why do they behave like helicopters? 
- Maybe they are trying to make up for their own failures and limitations. 
- Worries about the world in general, the competitive market, job issues make them protect their child more.
- They might have been neglected or unloved when they were kids.
- Some try to imitate what behavior other parents show them.

- Prevents the child from being independent.
- Child shows lack of confidence.
- Child does not learn to take responsibilities.

To be or Not to be...
For the child to grow into a strong independent person parents must allow them time for themselves and to make mistakes to learn from. Give them positive attention and encouragement but not constant criticism and pressure. A parent should control their feelings of love and concern at home as well as outside. Let the child make his or her own decisions. Only guide them whenever required.

So whats your Parenting Style???

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