Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Apps for Moms

Moms work crazy hours everyday raising kids, managing household and office. In this smartphone generation there are some apps created for busy moms which can make their life a lot easier. So get organized and save time with these trendy, must have apps.

Listed below are the free android apps. For more details on these apps or demo, click on the app name.

1) OurHome – Chores and Rewards
This is an app to organize family chores and responsibilities. Assign chores to each member of family and reward them. Create a reward list with points assigned to each as in credit card rewards. Each member of the family can redeem the points from the reward list. There is also a smart shopping list in the app.
Keeps family life in sync. It has a color coded calendar which helps know who is doing what and where the family member is. It also has a to-do list and a shopping list. The whole family can share the grocery list so all can update. It also has a recipe box and a family journal

3) Period Tracker Pro (Pink Pad)
This app helps you keep a track of your menstrual cycle. You need not mark it on the calendar now. Not only this,it allows you to keep a health journal, keep a track of your weight and much more. This app is available on Android.

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense
Very simple to use. This app allows users to organize their expenses in a very efficient manner while allowing them to keep track of their expenses, finding out how they are spending their money and setting up budgets. It gives regular reminders about outstanding payments. The app gives the option to set up daily, weekly, monthly or annual budgets while taking care of recurring expenses.

Write everything that matters to you or you need to remember in this app. You can also attach photos and videos and voice recording to notes. Save entire webpage in your Evernote account. Whenever you need to revisit your reminder, just start the app and type keywords. It will all be available.
Use it for meal planning, school time table, exams, test preparations, office work reminders etc.

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