Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Quality time with your kid - Ways to bond

Most parents now are working full time and are left with minimal time to spend with their kids. Weekends are mostly spent on finishing the pending household chores.

So whatever time they spend with their kids has to be turned into quality time. It is the time spent with them understanding them, loving and caring for them while they increase their trust in you. The time doesn't have to be 1 hour or 2 hours at a stretch. It can be small discussions or conversations about how they spent their day or other topics during regular intervals. Healthy discussions help the kids feel secure.

Here are some more fun ways you can bond with your kid:
- Watch movies

- Read stories to them

- Play games at their level. They can be board games, video games or any other outdoor game.

- Have a family day a outing or road trip

- Snuggle with them. Once a while hug them, give them good night kiss

- Do household chores together like prepare a meal, clean the room.

- Take a walk together

- Get creative. Do some art or craft together.

- Gardening

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