Monday, 18 May 2015

Natural Resources

Things that come from nature and used in everyday activities are Natural resources.
It can be water, air, wood or metals.

Water is a resource that helps all living beings on earth stay alive. It is a very useful thing that comes from nature and is a natural resource. Humans, animals and plants need water to drink and live. It has no fixed shape and covers 71% of earths surface.

Animals provide us with meat, eggs and milk.

Air is a natural resource that no one can touch or see. Humans, animals and plants need air to breathe and live.

Oil is a resource obtained from the ground and is used as a fuel for cooking, driving vehicles and airplanes.

Rocks are found above and below the earths surface. They are used to make roads, buildings and railway tracks.

Minerals such as iron, copper and other metals like gold and silver are found within the earths surface. They are used to make different objects like utensils that are used in our daily chores. Minerals also include fuel such as coal and natural gas.

Sun or sunlight is a renewable source of energy that is never exhausted. Sunlight is used by the plants to grow. We use sunlight to generate solar energy that can be used in place of electricity.

Plants provide us with food and fresh air to breathe. Every part of the plant can be utilized in some way like wood for furniture and paper, leaves and roots as food for animals and humans.

These resources can be further classified as Renewable and Non renewable sources for higher classes.

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