Friday, 22 May 2015

Discipline without spanking

Some believe that spanking is a immediate and fast solution to a child's bad behavior. This happens when one cannot control their temper or has no patience. But remember that in this case the solution is also temporary. The child has not understood his mistake and can do it again. It will only teach the child to be afraid while doing it again.

This is definitely the hardest part of parenthood. After spanking parents regret it later and think they could have used some alternative. But it cannot be undone.

Spanking will teach the child that he can hit others. They use it on friends and siblings later to solve their own problems.

We have to keep them safe by helping them differentiate right and wrong. This has to start from an early age. Stop them from hitting others when they do it the first time. No matter how small their age is. When you feel that you cannot control your temper take a break. After some time time try out a few alternatives:

- Time-out : Isolate the child for some time. Send him to a room inside where he will think about it and cool down. Later discuss with him about it.

- Learn to say NO : Do not meet all demands of your child. Stop pampering them. Whenever you think that an ideal limit is reached, even if you can fulfill it say NO. This can avoid a bad behavior later.

- Take away their favorite toys and give it back when they behave.

- Grounding: Effective when kids become older. Stop them from playing outside in the evening for a few days or confiscate their mobile. Undo it when behavior changes.

- Don't forget to reward them for good behavior. Show that you are not always negative. Kids too will show more trust in you.


  1. Nice post Shefali!
    Indeed it is important to inculcate a sense of right and wrong in kids and spanking does not always help.