Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Healthy food

JUNK FOOD, BALANCED DIET, OVERWEIGHT are the terms we hear everywhere when kids are discussed. Our parents never had these issues during our upbringing. Has the eating habit of our kids changed?

Time and advertisements play a major role in this change. Parents now do not spend or cannot spend much time on cooking. So home made food is replaced with ready made or junk food. These junk foods are also advertised in such a way that the kids are trapped. They want all the fancy food shown on TV and the ones their friends have in the malls. This has become an inescapable issue.

Lets try to differentiate between the needs and wants of a child to inculcate healthy eating habits. Limiting the television time and spending quality time with the child is also essential along with the following pointers.

- Introduce fruits and vegetables in every meal.
- Include fresh fruit juices in breakfast. Avoid fruit drinks available in stores
- Involve the kids in your grocery shopping. Allow them to pick fruits and vegetables.
- Be creative while serving the food. The food that looks good is eaten most.
- Include crunchy salads with every meal.
- Be flexible. A treat once a week will do no harm.

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