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Fancy dress ideas

When my kid turned 3, she started taking part in fancy dress competitions. This is when I started to research on costumes I could make for her that were easy and age appropriate.

Fancy dress is not only about the costume. Your child should also be able to talk about it.  So think about things your kid is familiar with so that they are comfortable with what they say on the stage.

At the age of 3, my kid had with her a pumpkin costume that we had got for Halloween. She was familiar with a Pumpkin as her teachers had told her about it and all about Halloween.
I had to teach her a few lines about Pumpkin
I am a little Pumpkin
Orange and Round
This is my stem (pointing to her head)
And I grow on the ground

She won the 2nd prize!

Then she turned 4 when it was her next Fancy Dress competition and we were not supposed to hire costumes. At that time she was learning about traffic rules in her school and she was familiar with that concept. We thought why not make her a Traffic light!
We got a Yellow card paper sheet, craft marble paper for lights and yellow satin ribbon to tie the card paper sheet to her body.

Cut the yellow card paper sheet like a apron as per the size of your child. Make holes to tie satin ribbon at the neck and waist. Cut circles of red yellow and green marble paper. Glue it on the yellow sheet in the order of traffic lights. This costume just cost us Rs.20!

I am a traffic Light
My red light says - STOP
My Yellow light says - GET READY TO STOP
My Green light says - GO
Everyone should follow the traffic rules. If you do not follow the traffic rules you may get hurt.

All the dialogues should be told with actions.
Here she won the 3rd prize!

At the age of 5, she could talk more and understand complex objects. So we thought of making her a Jellyfish! This was a bit complex for us too, but we took it up like a science project as if we were still in school.

We asked a shopkeeper at the electrical shop about the battery and lights. We gathered the following objects: A lightweight Umbrella, white cloth to cover the umbrella, elastic bands and sticky tape, white LED lights 2 mtrs, 9 V battery, old bubble wraps which were used for packaging.

We first covered the umbrella with the white cloth and bubble wrap using the elastic bands and sticky tape. Then we put the LED lights above the umbrella and led the wire to the inside of the umbrella. There we connected it to the 9V battery with 1 tip of the wire. The other was let loose to be put later at the time of the performance.

She wore a full white dress with white leggings and shoes. The LED lights on the bubble wrap make it look like shimmering silver from a distance. Perfect like a jellyfish.

I am a jellyfish
I am a sea creature but not really a fish.
I eat planktons in the sea.
Some sea turtles eat me up
These are my tentacles (swirl the umbrella a little)
Be careful cause I can sting U!

This costume and dialogues won her the 1st prize!

2015: This year I tried to make a honey bee costume. My kid had a plain black tshirt and black leggings. I had yellow card paper. I had to cut strips of card paper as per the width of the t-shirt and attach it in the front. I used stapler, sticky tapes and safety pins to attach the card paper. Cover the stapler and safety pins with sticky tapes so that they do not hurt the kid.
For the antennae, I used a cardboard and colored it black. With a sticky tape I attached the antennae to a hairband. Check the pictures below.


Here are some more last minute fancy dress ideas:

1) Butterfly: The colored fairy wings and a similar colored dress and leggings. Add face paint if possible.

2) Fairy: Many kids have the wings and wand set. Just need a white dress to complete the costume.

3) Chutki (from Chota Bheem) : 2 plaits, a big bindi, and a chanya choli dress. Add a rolling pin to the kids hand (optional)

4) Doctor : A white apron and a doctor toy set is required as a costume

5) Rockstar: Jazzy shirt pant and a guitar in hand. Accessorize with one earring and a big chain and a cap.

6) Joker: A birthday conical cap, eye mask and a striped tshirt and leggings

7) Newspaper: Stick newspaper with sticky tape to a tshirt

8) Space man: Stick silver stripes to a white full tshirt and leggings. Cover a small bagpack with silver paper and put it to the back.

9) Monkey: A brown full tshirt and similar leggings. Make a tail with a pipe by covering it with brown paper.

10) Teacher: Some kids have small readymade Saris. Give a scale in hand.

11) Fisher woman: Some kids have readymade navwari sari. Put it in Koli style and give a small basket in hand

12) Jhansi Ki Rani: Readymade navwari sari, make sword with cardboard.

13) Krishna: Dhoti shirt set, add a peacock feather to head, make a flute with cardboard.

14) Cowboy: Hat and full sleeve shirt, sunglasses, toy gun and boots

15) Flower: Bright colored dress. Tie petals made from card paper to waist.

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