Friday, 28 November 2014

5 senses

This topic can be taught using pictures, slides and the most effective practical method.

Now lets go through each ....

- Spray some perfume on a paper and make the child smell it. Explain that the sense of smell is through our nose.
- Draw on a sheet the object that can be smelled in a garden.

- In bowls, place sugar, salt and lemon. Explain the tastes sweet, salty and sour. We do this with our mouth/tongue.
- Draw on a sheet what food you like to taste

- Make loud and soft sounds with a drum. These sounds can be heard and differentiated using our ears
- Draw on a sheet which animal you can hear at the zoo

- Show a mirror to the child. Tell him to explain what he can see and with what is he able to see. Ask how many eyes does he/she have
- Draw eyes on a sheet of paper

- Make the child touch some objects with his eyes closed like Soft toy, water etc and ask what the object is.
- Draw something you can touch in a classroom

Worksheet 1

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