Thursday, 21 August 2014

Groups of Animals

There are different kinds of animals. They can be differentiated by their size, nature, what they eat and where they live.

Pet animals: People have some animals whom they take care of at their home. Such animals are pets. Some of the common pets are DOGS, CATS and PARROTS

Domestic animals: Animals that live on a farm are domestic animals. They are useful to humans in lots of ways. Some of them are COWS, GOATS, HENS, DONKEYS etc.

Wild animals: These live in the jungle. They cannot be tamed. You can see some wild animals in zoo as well. They can be dangerous. Some of the wild animals are LIONS, TIGERS, FOX, BEAR, DEER etc.

Milch animals: The animals that give us milk are called milch animals. They are COWS, BUFFALOES, GOATS etc.

Amphibians: Such animals can live on both land and in water. They are TURTLES, FROGS, CROCODILES etc.

Reptiles: They crawl along the ground. Some of them are LIZARDS, SNAKES, CHAMELEONS etc.

Rodents: Animals with sharp teeth are called rodents like RATS and RABBITS.

Insects: They are small animals. Some have wings to help them fly. Some of the insects are BEES, ANTS, GRASSHOPPER etc.

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