Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Why are Fairy tales called so???

One day, I and my daughter got ourselves books from the library. She had selected the book of Fairy Tales.

I had to read her the stories from that book. We started with The Pied Piper of Hamelin. I finished reading the story to which she listened attentively. She had understood the story very well. She had also read the name of the book very well - Fairy Tales.

Now the Pied Piper story did not have one fairy in it. She had to raise the question ' Why is this story called a Fairy Tale' ? She was right as there was no fairy in the story. I did not have an answer to her question. I had heard a lot of fairy tales during my childhood and never had thought of such a question. I recollected the advertisement of a health drink in which the kid asks difficult queries to his mother and she answers 'Can I tell you the answer to it tomorrow?' I related to her.

Next I had to use the tool 'Google' for an answer! Fortunately now we have it. If I had asked this question during my childhood no one would have answered me the next day as well.
I found out that stories for children written by French had termed it 'contes de fees' which when translated to English means 'Fairy Tales'.
Well, this is reason is still difficult to explain to a five year old. I had to tell her that it is just a name for the stories in that book!!!

Kids of this generation are really smart. Be prepared!!!

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