Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Water Cycle

This should be a easy after teaching the states of water.

The story of a water droplet should make it more easier.

A water droplet Witty was swimming in the pool with his other droplet friends. The Sun, Sunny shined brightly on Witty.

Witty turned into vapor along with his other friends and formed a cloud. Now the cloud was full of water droplet friends and had become heavy. It had also turned black in color.

The cloud became so heavy that it could not hold itself any longer and burst like a water balloon. It had formed rain. The rain water returned back to the pool.

Show the same story with the water cycle picture. The water that had turned vapor can be different sources like lakes rivers ocean etc.

Also explain the following terms
Evaporation: When water is heated by the sun it turns gaseous and rises to the sky. This is called evaporation

Condensation: Water vapor in the sir becomes cold and changes back into liquid forming clouds. This is called condensation.

Precipitation: When water has condensed becomes so much that the air cannot hold it anymore, it precipitates The clouds get heavy and water falls back to the earth in the form of rain.

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