Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Kindergarten Learning Topics

There are so many things a 4-5 year can old learn about. The 365 days of the year will not be enough to cover all the topics. Yet at this age a child is smart enough to grasp all the below mentioned topics easily and fast. It is up to the parents how to manage and spend your time with your kids and enlighten them.

Basic Needs:

Body Parts
Healthy Habits
Teach kids to bathe themselves
5 Senses
Healthy Food


States of Water
Water Cycle
What comes from Nature - Natural Resources

All about Animals:

Different groups of Animals
Animals and their Homes
Animals and their Babies
What do Animals eat?

All about Plants:

Types of plants
Parts of plants
Food from Plants

Solar System :Planets, Eclipses, Rotation & Revolution

Safety & Rules

Opposite Words
How to read a clock

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