Friday, 27 June 2014

Ram Navami

Ram Navami is the celebration of the birth of Lord Rama to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya in Ayodhya. He was born on the ninth day of the Hindu month of Chaitra. So the name Ram Navami.

Lord Rama is the the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. He had 3 brothers Lakshmana, Bharat and Shatrughna. Rama was the eldest of the 4. He is also known as Maryada Purshottama as he was the perfect human being - best son, husband, father and brother.

Ram Navami is one of the most important Hindu festivals. Ramcharitramanas is read on this day. Akhanda naam and bhajans are recited. Infant Rama is placed in a cradle and rocked by devotees. Many devotees follow fasting on this day. In south of India, the wedding of Rama with Sita is also celebrated on this day. SitaRama Kalyanam is held in temples with beautiful decorations and prayers. There are 3 places in India where celebrations are huge on this day - Ayodhya, Bhadrachalam and Rameswaram. A sweet drink called Panakam with jaggery and pepper is made and distributed on this day. Procession of idols follow in the evening.

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