Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Teach your children to bathe themselves

Children enjoy bath time. They love to play with water and their bath toys. This is a relaxing activity for a kid. As they grow we need to teach them that this is a part of personal hygiene and they need to learn doing it themselves.

Teaching to bathe will not be a one day task. This has to be started from the time the child starts doing small tasks themselves like applying soap to hands. Of course they will not be able to apply it to their entire body when they start. So allow them to do it for their hands and legs first. Slowly they try to do the entire activity by themselves. You can also introduce the topic of privacy during this process.

Shampooing is a activity the kids hate. Also they cannot handle the water poured on face. So you need to help with this activity till they are 6 or 7 years old.

Allow them to wipe themselves when they are 4 or 5. Moving the towel on the back with both hands holding it on the sides is a fun task. Just direct them to do it for their under arms and hard to reach places.

Please keep in mind:
- Never leave a child under age 6 unattended in bathroom
- Allow them to do all tasks they ask for
- Get them their own bath items so they can learn handle them themselves right up to keeping them in proper places after bathing is done
- Keeping the bathroom clean, taking care of soiled clothes is part of bathing. Let them do it themselves
- Older kids need more privacy. But in the end do check if they have completed the task correctly

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