Thursday, 20 February 2014

Teaching kids responsibility

Every mom dreams of raising a responsible child. Instead of shouting and complaining to get the work done by their kids they want to have a cheerful day.
So why not start right from the time the child starts to understand you. By 18 months kids start to understand you. At this age they can come to you when called, get small objects to you.
By the age of 3 they can do a lot more things to help you out.

Here are some list of chores for age 3:
- Clean up the room with you.
- Get the dishes to wash
- Take the dirty laundry to the laundry basket
- Clean up spills and dirt

For age 4-5:
- Get dressed by themselves for school
- Carry lighter bags
- Clean the rooms
- Brush, comb by themselves
- Make simple snacks
- Eat and drink by themselves
- Keep thrash cans out for sweeper to empty it

For age 6-7
- Fold the laundry
- Organize their closets
- Prepare food with supervision
- Make their bed
- Answer the phone with supervision

This will make them responsible for themselves and their work by the age of 8. Then they will need minimal supervision.
- For toddlers go with colorful stars ,stickers, hugs and stories
- Extra play time
- A day for watching movies
- Art and crafts time
- Applying nail polish
- Extra electronics - TV, tablets, video games

Apart from household chores teenage kids should be responsible for letting their parents know about their whereabouts. Also who they spend their time with. Explain to them the need for this. They will be old enough by this time to understand you.

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