Thursday, 20 February 2014

Significance of festivals

Why do we celebrate festivals? Kids hardly understand the reason unless told to them. They enjoy all the activities during the festivals but along with it they should know the reason why it is done only during a particular festival.

There are a lot of mythological story books available now in the market which explain the reasons why a the festival is celebrated. Also there are cartoon movies based on such stories available on Youtube.

Preschools celebrate most of the festivals in school with kids to help them understand the importance. Education of festivals should start at an early age. There is a lot to know and understand about Indian culture.

Here are some festivals celebrated in India. Help kids understand the significance of each. Take a Quiz in the end for a fun filled activity.

- Makar Sankranti

- Mahashivratri

- Holi

- Ram Navami

- Gudi padwa / Ugadi

- Hanuman Jayanti

- Gokulashtami

- Raksha Bandhan

- Ganesh Chaturthi

- Vijayadashami

- Diwali

- Christmas

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