Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow for preschoolers

My 3 yr olds conversations:

"Mamma yesterday I will play with the ball again"
"Today was my birthday. I ate yummy cake" .... referring to 1 month old story.
"Tomorrow I played with my friends"

After correcting the time again and again for 2-3 months, now the sentences are:

"Mamma second day when I played with my friends in the park ...."
"First day when it will be my birthday I want a pink cake"

Yesterday and Today changed to First day and Second day after repeated corrections.  I still refer to Yesterday Today and Tomorrow when she says First and Second day. Need a lot of patience.

She has understood the concept of Tomorrow as I had explained her one night that Tomorrow is when sun comes again. She uses Tomorrow correct in further sentences.

Time is a hard concept for kids to grasp. It is very confusing for them and will only irritate them while trying to understand. Just change the topic when they get irritated. It can be taken up again.

They just need time. Some kids understand it by the age of 3 some by 4. Do not get tensed that your baby does not understand. They sure will take time but understand. But you don't stop your efforts!

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