Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Expand your childs comfort zone

Kids everyday face at least one activity which they have never done before. Some kids go ahead for it and some don't. They do not want to leave their comfort zone. To avoid it they either start crying or start throwing tantrums. They need to try the new activity to grow their comfort zone. The larger the kids comfort zone, the more confident and adventurous he will become.

You can see these signs when they show stage fear or do not respond to people outside family. Growing the comfort zone also means working on developing the personality of the kid. Most of the schools now are helping kids overcome stage fear by involving all during annual concerts. We too can help them with some activities from our end.

I would like to share a story regarding this which might help simplify the task of getting the kid out of his comfort zone.

Once upon a time there lived a king who was very fond of his birds. He had all kinds of birds in his garden. The place was lively all the time. He had sparrows, ducks, cuckoos, and even hawks and falcons.

All his falcons used to fly high in the sky except for one. This falcon was scared to try to fly. It used to perch on a branch of a banyan tree in the garden feeding on its leaves.

One day the king noticed the falcon sitting all day on the same branch. At first he thought it might be resting. But the falcon did not even sleep as it had not closed its eyes. Then by evening the king understood he had a falcon that could not fly!

He was very worried about it so he asked the falcon experts in his kingdom to train the bird. They tried to teach it to hop, allure it with food at a distance for which it had to fly. But it didn't. All birds in the garden except the falcon would fly to grab the food. They placed some other falcon birds on the branch thinking it would learn from them. Nothing worked. They gave up.

The king did not loose hope. Next morning he watched his gardener move his mower and feeding each species of birds with their favorite grains. He asked the gardener for help as he understood birds very well. The gardener agreed.

A few minutes later when the king opened the windows of his room, he did not find the falcon on the tree. It was flying mid-air with its wings spread enjoying the flight. He was amazed and thanked the gardener.

The king asked " How did you do it?". The gardener smiled and replied "It was very simple. I just cut the branch on which it was perched".

Kids are cozy and settled in their comfort zone. You might need to break the branch understanding your kids behavior. You need to make them realize they have the ability to conquer heights.

Try to introduce a new challenge everyday in their daily routine.

1) Try a new food.

2) Take them out to different places very weekend to make them aware of new surroundings.

3) Do activities not typical to their gender. For girls play soccer, boys play tea party once in a while.

4) Do not talk for your child. When you visit a pediatrician allow your child to explain why he is there.

5) Get dirty. Play in the mud or water or water colors. Don't get upset with the stains.

6) Help them grow their imagination talking to them a lot while playing.

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