Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Thirsty Crow

One summer afternoon a crow was feeling very thirsty. It flew here and there and everywhere in search of water. He was sad and tired at the same time. He decided to take some rest and sat on a rock.

Nearby he saw a jug. Thinking there must be some water in it, he flew and sat on the edge of the jug. He tried to put his beak inside and get some water. But the water was just at the bottom of the jug. He could not reach it. He even tried to push the jug down to get the water out. But it was too heavy.

Then he saw some pebbles lying on the ground. He thought of a plan. He picked the pebbles one by one and put them in the jug. The level of the water started to rise and came up to the neck of the jug. The crow then drank the water and quenched his thirst.

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