Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Lion and the Rabbit

Once upon a time a lion said to all forest animals that if one of them comes to him as his meal, he will not kill anyone else among them. All the animals agreed to this.
One day it was rabbits turn to go to the lion. It was very scared and so it took a long time to reach the lion.

The lion asked the rabbit the reason for being late. It wisely replied "I was stopped by another lion who claims to be the king of the jungle and wants to meet you". The lion was very furious and wanted to meet the other lion too.

The rabbit took the lion to a well and showed him his reflection in the water and claimed it was the other lion. The lion was so furious that he jumped in the water to catch the other lion and drowned.
The wise rabbit got rid of the wild beast and saved the other forest animals.

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