Saturday, 30 November 2013

Teach toddlers their Colors

Since the age of 2, a child can start to differentiate colors. This doesn't meant you start forcing the 2 yr old to recognize colors. Just keep them in a learning mode from the age of 2 for 3-6 months and they might start recognizing by themselves.

TOYS: Kids love to play building blocks. These are available in basic colors red, blue, green and yellow. I, myself used the building blocks to teach my kid her colors. 

GROUPING: Group the blocks according to their colors and build towers yourself. Keep doing this everyday in front of the kid and repeat the tower color names. After a few days ask the kid to repeat this activity. Help him/her while doing it. In this process they will learn at least the basic colors.

Then move on to other objects in the house with different colors. Now they will understand what is meant by colors and easily start identifying.

You can do this using colored balls or flashcards as well. Enjoy this fun learning time with your kid and you will cherish it all your life!!!

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