Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sanskar - Do Kids need it or parents?

Since I have returned from USA, I have been hearing about Sanskar classes for kids. They are meant to teach kids shlokas and good behaviors. But do only kids need it?

Parents should be ideal for kids to behave good. We still can see parents chit chatting in groups as per their religion, caste or language while kids are taught to play together. How can they do it when they see practically it their parents don't do it.

Talking behind others back is bad and the same is told to kids. But at the same time, this should not be done by parents at home or outside with friends. This is still common among women who try to get news about others life and discuss it among themselves. The right word for this is GOSSIPING. Not only women, men too gossip. Kids get confused about what they are taught and what practically happens.

If parents want their kids to be ideal then they should first follow idealism. Kids tend to follow their parents no matter how much they are taught about idealism in school or Sanskar classes.

Parents should spend quality time with their kids and answer any doubts no matter how small they are. Good habits should be followed at home and not only in public. The polite words 'Thank you' 'Sorry' etc can be used at home so that it becomes a habit when you are in public. Understand your kid, the way he thinks so that you know which sanskar has to be taught to your kid. Talk about it with your kid so that he does not think that it is only a part of study at school or class but it is a everyday activity.

Also respect your kids thoughts and activities. The same respect will bounce back. Parents expect their kids to think of them as God as in Matrudevo bhava and Pitrudevo bhava. But only if you treat them with love and respect, you will gain the respect.

Set a daily routine for yourself and your kid. There should be a fixed study time, play time and prayer time. Try to make them independent by doing their own little chores like cleaning their room, make the bed. Set aside some time for prayers daily. This will require just 15 mins. Every festival make it a point to visit the temple or once every week. Join them in these tasks.

Kids are nowadays pampered too much with clothes food toys etc. Try to limit yourself. Else you will end up with a fussy child. Make them understand the value of money and teach them earn these goodies. Stop pampering yourselves too with unnecessary things.

If every kid is taught this way we can not only have a perfect home but a perfect country as well. Lets all make efforts towards learning idealism and being ideal.

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